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The following are theses which have resulted from projects administered by the ACL. Click on the thesis name to open it in a digital format.


Benjamin Allen Doubledee
Naima A. Sweeting

Evaluation of Cementitious Injection Grouts for the Stabilization of Holly Tower Support Rock, Hovenweep National Monument

Kevin Adam Wohlgemuth


Christine L. Beckman

Daniel Stuart Castele

Kathryn Chambon Diserens

Alexandra Elizabeth Kress
Laura Lacombe

Brett Sturm

A program for the Conservation, Interpretation, and Reuse of Downdraft Kilns at the Western Clay Manufacturing Company of Helena, Montana


Richard Jason Cantu

Mary Catherine Collins

Kalen Daniel McNabb
Sharon Reid
Michael Joseph Shoriak


Emily Aloiz

Rebekah Krieger

Elizabeth Tiffin Thompson


Lauren Vollono Drapala
Tiffani L. Simple


Rachel Adler

Tejaswini J. Aphale

Meredith Keller

Alex Lim


Nicole Collum

Marlene Lauren Goeke


Christina A. Burris

Amila Ferron

Lauren Hall

Megan Cross Schmitt

Ann Thorkelson


Leslie A. Friedman

Christina C. Lombardo

Cynthia L. Silva
Jill T. Verhosek

Kelly H. Wong


Jennifer M. Correia

Felicia L. McBratney

William A. Zinn


Amel Chabbi

John Glavan
An Evaluation of Mechanical Pinning Treatments for the Repair of Marble at the Second Bank of the United States

Susan Singh

Jeremy C. Wells


Burcum Hanzade Arkun
Jennifer Elizabeth Cappeto

Sophia C. Middlebrook


Rebecca Carr
Stephen O'Ryan Curtis

Lauren Meyer
Judi Ji won Moon
Judith Alleyne Peters


Kathleen Anne Forrest

Melissa McCormack


Elsa Bourguignon
David Keith Myers


Mary Slater
Characterization of earthen architectural surface finishes from Kiva Q, Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

Kecia Lee Fong
Design and Evaluation of Acrylic-Based Grouts for Earthen Plasters

Elisa Maria Del Bono
Characterization and Analysis of the Caliche Walls of the Great House, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Coolidge, Arizona


Guy Munsch
The First Bank of the United States, Reevaluating Success: A Conservation Conditions Assessment Survey and Analysis of Previous Treatments

Christopher John Gembinski
Bethesda Terrace: Conditions Assessment and Evaluation of Previous Stone Conservation Treatments


Katherine Ann McDowell
Characterization and Conditions Assessment of the Sacristy Window Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo San Antonio, Texas


Linnaea Dix
Characterization and Analysis of Prehistoric Earthen Plasters, Mortars, and Paints from Mug House, Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

Jocelyn Kimmel
Characterization and Consolidation of Pennsylvania Blue Marble, with a Case Study of the Second Bank of the United States, Philadelphia, PA

Robert Lyle Hartzler
A Program of Investigation and Laboratory Research of Acrylic-Modified Earthen Mortar Used at Three Prehistoric Puebloan Sites


Below are links that relate to the education and training efforts of the ACL.
University of Pennsylvania Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
Montana Preservation Alliance