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2010 Far View House CESU Report Submitted to Mesa Verde National Park Service (6.8 MB)

2009 Gordion Field Report (2 MB)

2008 Gordion Field Report (9.8 MB)



Alex B. Lim, 2009: Soft Capping of Archaeological Masonry Walls: Far View House, Mesa Verde National Park



View BioScience Magazine article "Green roofs as Urban Ecosystems: Ecological Structures, Functions, and Services" by Erica Oberndorfer et al here. (3.8 MB)

View Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites (2004) article "The Use of Geosynthetics for Archeological Site Reburial" by Edward Kavazanjian here. (3.8 MB)



Soft capping treatment: University of Pennsylvania's Architectural Conservation Lab Gordion website

English Heritage and University of Oxford

National Park Service Far View website