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1950 A Scheme for the Development of the Public Concessions in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

A report written by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the architect of Jackson Lake Lodge, in which he made a strong case for the construction of a new tourist complex that would make Grand Teton National Park a true tourist destination, rather than a pit-stop on the way to Yellowstone. 

2003 National Historic Landmark Nomination

2008 University of Virginia Graduate Student Thesis (Betsy Engle)

“Beneath the Jagged Tetons”: Gilbert Stanley Underwood and the Architecture of Jackson Lake Lodge

2015 University of Pennsylvania Graduate Student Thesis (Julianne Wiesner-Chianese)

Modern in the Mountains: An Analysis of the Structural and Decorative Concrete at Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park, WY

2016 University of Pennsylvania Graduate Student Thesis
(Alice Gilmore)

Recreating Acid Stains on Historic Concrete

2016 Jackson Lake Lodge Historic Structure Report

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Grand Teton Lodge Company Building Overview

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