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The Architectural Conservation laboratory is in the process of completing a Historic Structures Report for Jackson Lake Lodge, a National Historic Landmark in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The aim of this project is to provide documentation of the history, construction, and condition of the Central Lodge and surrounding Guest Lodges that will inform their preservation and care.

 The Historic Structures Report is organized according to NPS 28: Cultural Resource Management Guideline, which outlines the report according to 1) developmental history, 2) treatment and use, and 3) a record of treatment. The project is divided into three phases corresponding to these headings:  the first phase comprises a detailed chronology of the development and construction of the Jackson Lake Lodge complex through analysis of primary sources such as construction drawings and correspondence. In the second phase, a condition survey is performed to determine current state and integrity of building materials. The third phase is a proposal for treatment and future maintenance, informed by the condition survey. The Historic Structures Report will serve as the model and guide for the stewardship of the building in accordance with its status as a National Historic Landmark.

A member of the ACL team documenting the exterior of the main lodge during a site visit in March. Winter conditions actually helped to provide useful evidence of deterioration as a function of extreme weather phenomena.


North and South Elevations
Based on historical drawings of Jackson Lake Lodge as designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood in 1953, members of the ACL delineated digital base drawings and overlaid  the alterations and modifications that have affected the building over time. This drawing illustrates the alterations to the north and south elevations of the Central Lodge.
original bar
Above: In addition to letters, historic photographs provided valuable information about the history of the site. This undated image shows the interior of the original Stockade Bar before its removal for new retail.
Left: An article written during the construction of the lodge in Em-Kayan magazine which was published by Morrison-Knudsen Co., who was the contracting firm that built the lodge.