ACL Project List

A complementary website, functioning as a virtual exhibit, was also created about the project and exhibition and included interactive features to engage visitors in exchanging their impressions about the project and their memories of the Pavilion and the Fair. Both the exhibit and the website were designed to encourage awareness in the collective effort of preserving the Pavilion, the Tent and its pavement. The exhibit was successful in fostering community pride among local Queens and New York City residents and was successful in generating widespread support for the Pavilion’s preservation through media coverage. Visitors who experienced the installation gained an appreciation for heritage conservation through direct interaction with the conservators. This was no small feat for a borough like Queens with its enormous ethnic diversity and recently arrived immigrant population.

For the exhibit at the Queens Museum a photomontage of the complete map pavement was created. To do this each 4 foot by 4 foot tile of the pavement was individually photographed and digitally rectified.
The “Back on the Map” exhibit at the Queens Museum of Art, February 2008. In the foreground are some of the original tiles waiting to be conserved.  In the mid-ground is a reproduction map that is intended to convey the original brightness of the tiles as they would have appeared when installed in the pavilion.