ACL Project List

Given the rich history of Pipe Spring, the historic structures on the site reflect multiple campaigns of use, modification, restoration and interpretation.  The ACL employed various methods to document the physical remnants of these periods, of which included photography, conditions assessment, the generation of architectural drawings and laser scanning. After generating a baseline of material, the team was able to make correlations between archival materials and the physicality of the structures to better understand the evolution and condition of the site.

Completing a conditions assessment of the exterior walls of Winsor Castle.

Historic Structures Report

A historic structure report provides documentary, graphic, and physical information about a property's history and existing condition. Broadly recognized as an effective part of preservation planning, a historic structure report also addresses management or owner goals for the use or re-use of the property. It provides a thoughtfully considered argument for selecting the most appropriate approach to treatment, prior to the commencement of work, and outlines a scope of recommended work. The report serves as an important guide for all changes made to a historic property during a project-repair, rehabilitation, or restoration-and can also provide information for maintenance procedures. Finally, it records the findings of research and investigation, as well as the processes of physical work, for future researchers.