ACL Project List

Spruce Tree House has a remarkable array of plain and painted surface finishes in the form of plasters and colored washes on its masonry interiors and exteriors. The methodology of documentation, analysis and treatment employed at Spruce Tree House was first developed at Mug House and later implemented at Cliff Palace (Dix 1996, Slater 1999, Carr, Collum 2007, McDougall). This was augmented by subsequent treatment research conducted at Long House (Hall 2007, Ferron 2007). The current fieldwork and research is being performed by graduate studentsĀ from the Historic Preservation DepartmentĀ at the University of Pennsylvania (Aloiz 2011, Krieger 2011). All together, these investigations have brought insight into the complexities of interpreting and preserving earthen based finishes that are highly sensitive to changing environmental conditions and intervention materials and techniques that are technically sound and culturally sensitive.