ACL Project List

Measuring approximately 22’-8” east-west by 28’-0” north-south, the ceiling system is constructed of flat ceiling panels, with a 12” deep plaster applied cove at its junction with the walls. Physical investigation revealed the ceiling is composed of two assemblies; a plaster and metal lath sub-ceiling installed on the original ceiling rafters and the visible ornamental plaster ceiling.  The ornamental ceiling is made up of a set of bas-relief panels that were probably cast and hand modeled on a bench as individual panels and attached in sections to the supporting sub-ceiling by means unknown at this time. Next, the joints of the panels were filled with a coat of thin plaster to conceal seams and junctures. The background of these panels possesses a combed or ridged texture which was probably done on the bench and prior to the application of the pre-cast elements and hand modeled relief. The third component of the ceiling is the pre-cast and applied-in-place relief, the former installed as appliqué fiber-reinforced elements, cast separately from molds and attached with a dab of plaster and occasional small headed iron nails to the already fabricated panels. These repetitive pre-cast elements tend to be of higher relief and surrounded on one side by a thicker application of plaster, as an overlapping cloud or flame to conceal their ends. Low relief figures may have been modeled entirely by hand or as a combination of pre-cast and wet-applied techniques.