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Bar B C Survey Methodology

Assessing the Data
After completion of the field survey of the structural and material conditions at Bar BC, the data was entered into an Access database. The database was then used to evaluate and compare the information obtained from the field survey.

The first analysis was designed to compare the condition of three major architectural elements of each structure: the roofs, walls, and foundations. The design of the field survey did not give one overall score for an element, but instead divided the element into various components. For example, walls were given a score for the material condition of the logs as well as another score for structural condition, such as racking or tilting of the wall. Therefore it was necessary to combine and compare scores of each component of a major structural element. Averages and descriptive statistics were calculated to represent the overall condition of the structural component. Since each condition was assessed using the same Likert scale, the results were comparable. The results were mapped and are presented in the image to the right.

The Access database and ArcGIS files that were produced as part of this survey can be used to further investigate relationships between the condition of cabin components and between cabins themselves as well as examine integrity and significance with condition all together.

This information has allowed the National Park Service to understand deterioration of the ranch buildings and assist in developing a conservation management plan and  prioritizing maintenance and repair for each structure.

conditons map
A final conditions assessment map with "condition flags" showing assessment of individual architectural features as well as the combined value for the entire structure.