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Saving the Bar-B-C Dude Ranch: A New Method for Setting Preservation Priorities

Written by Frank Matero, Director of the Architectural Conservation Laboratory, and Standing Faculty member in the Graduate Program for Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania, this article appears in the George Wright Forum. It discusses a rapid assessment survey intended to tease out the individual and combined effects of critical variables, such as design, construction, materials, and orientation, to test various cause-and-effect scenarios.

Student Praxis Work:
In 2014 The University of Pennsylvania Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, in conjunction with the ACL, returned to the Bar-B-C to carry out stabilization work. To view more on the Praxis project
Available Reports:

2011 Conditions  Assessment and Report

A group of 4 students from the University of Pennsylavnia Graduate Program in Historic Preservation and ValĂ©ncia Polytechnic University (Spain)worked to develop this report during the summer of 2011. The focus of the project was  a macro-scale assessment of the entire building complex for the Bar B C Ranch with primary emphasis on the physical condition of the structures.

2011 Field Survey Glossary

Created for the field survey, this glossary provides description for each of the types of conditions which were recorded and used in the assessment.

2011 Conservation Management Plan

Written by Katherine Longfield Wonson (Cultural Resource Manager Grand Teton National Park), This report provides a historic narative, management history and assessment of significance for the ranch.

2012 Graduate Student Thesis (Jason Cantu)

Green Roofs for Historic Buildings: Case Study of the Bar BC Dude Ranch at Grand Teton National Park

2013 Graduate Student Thesis (Christine Beckman)

Evaluating the Displacement Modes and Associated Risks of Stacked Log Structures

2014 Graduate Student Thesis (Benjamin Doubledee)

A Design Feasibility Study for the Preservation of the Main Cabin at the Bar BC Dude Ranch, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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