Exhibit & Map Conservation

Project Director Frank Matero
Project Supervisor John Hinchman
Research Susan Singh
Conservation Amel Chabbi, Annie Thorkelson
Exhibit Design D. Lindsay Falck, Monica Wyatt
Videography Gautam Malik
Web Design Megan Cross Schmitt

Funding provided by:

The National Endowment for the Arts
The Samuel H. Kress Foundation
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

The organizers of the exhibit would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their assistance and support:

Commissioner Adrian Benepe Commissioner Amy Freitag
Commissioner Estelle Cooper Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski
Alfredo Devido Architects Charles Aybar
Caples Jefferson Architects Bill Gilbert
William Keller John Krawchuck
Jackie Langsam Andy Looney
Manhattan American Strip Company Vincent Musillo
National Geographic Society National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association
David Oats Allen Payne
John Pender Port Morris Tile and Marble Corporation
Nancy Rattenbury Richard Payne Photography
Frank Ricotta Tyrone Robinson
Artie Rollins Scott Frances Photography
Steven Serrano Philip Sparacio
Albert Velazquez Gilbert Wheeler
Sybil Young Luis Zuniga