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Drayton Hall Library and Links

Available Reports:

1991 Documentation and Conditions Survey Report

Conducted by the University of Pennsylvania's Architectural Conservation Laboratory more than 10 years prior to the treatment in 2001-3, this report provides an excellent review of the evolution of the Great Hall and its ceiling as well as its materials, construction and conditions assessment.  The report was produced prior to the advantages of digital technology available in 2001 providing a unique contrast  to the work carried out in 2001-3.

2003 Conditions Assessment and Treatment Report

Produced as a requirement for the completion of the Advanced Certificate in Conservation, this report was the product of more than 12 months of investigation, analysis and treatment. The report covers the full process incuding initial investigation; the unique use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for anaysis; laboratory analysis and final process of treatment. Included is a review of all prior treatments and investigations.

2003 A GIS Assessment of the Great Hall Ceiling at Drayton Hall, Charleston

APT Bulletin

2003 Summary Report

This report provides a general overview of the 2003 documentation and treatment project.

2006 Performance of Injection Adhesives for the Great Hall Ceiling at Drayton Hall, Charleston 

APT Bulletin

2008 Graduate Student Thesis (Betsy Kleinfelder)

The Effects of Climate Contol on the Visitor Experience in Charleston House Museums

1995 Gradue Student Thesis (Robert Fitzgerald)

An Alternative Theory of the Design and Construction of Drayton Hall

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