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Available Reports:
1999 Conditions Assessment Drawings

Drawings for the 1999 survey were completed using AutoCAD. All drawings were hatched using standard CAD hatching patterns and three colors were used to differentiate identified levels of concern.
1999 Final Project Report

A report summarizing both Phase 1 and Phase 2 and showcasing the final conditions drawings.
2004 Final Complete Report

A report covering everything
2011 SPR Report

A Report covering the Penetrating Radar
1996 Graduate Student Thesis (Jocelyn Kimmel)
Characterization and Consolidation of Pennsylvania Blue Marble, with a Case Study of the Second Bank of the United Stes, Philadelphia, PA
Additional Links:
Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Website for John Struthers

Philadelphia Architects and Buildings website for William Strickland

Historic American Building Survey (HABS) website for the Second Bank

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